CBD for Sleep – The 3 Top Products

CBD for Sleep - The Top Three Products

CBD For Sleep

CBD, which is one of the main chemicals in cannabis, has helped millions of people, and scientists are continuing to learn more about its therapeutic elements. From killing cancer cells to treating chronic pain, CBD shows signs of promise as a revolutionary medicine.

If you have insomnia, consider trying natural CBD oil for sleep because, as scientific research shows, CBD works directly on the most common contributors to insomnia.

The Top CBD Products for Sleep

Below are our recommended CBD products.  High-quality CBD products such as these are 100% organic and tested by rigorously third parties for purity, 

  • 100% Organic
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • Whole Plant Product
  • Quality Checked By A Third Party


We are featuring Endoca’s CBD oil here because it is a gold standard in the hemp industry. Endoca has raised the bar so high on quality that the United Nations has recognized and awarded Endoca for their resource efficiency and clean production practices.

This means that you can rest assured knowing you are getting exactly what they advertise: one of the finest and cleanest organic CBD products in the world.

When it comes to many CBD products,  most companies do not make their laboratory results available for the public to see, but that isn’t the case for Endoca. They make all their laboratory test results available to the public on their website, and the tests reveal that there are zero toxins, pesticides or heavy medals in their products. In addition, the tests confirm the quality that they advertise.

If you want to try CBD for sleep, consider trying this high-quality product. 

Product Information 

Types of Products: Endoca sales CBD oil tinctures, suppositories and pure CBD crystals.  

Product Quantity: Their CBD oil tincures come in 10ml (0.33 fl. oz.) sized bottles, and their CBD capsules come with 30 pills. 

Product Potency:  Both their CBD tinctures (droppers) and capsules come in two different strengths – 300mg and 1500mg. If you have never tried CBD before, it is recommended that you start with a lower dose first. One capsule or serving from the 1500mg bottle is 50mg which is super potent whereas one capsule from their 300mg bottle is 10mg which is a good starting point.  

Price Range: Their 1500mg CBD products are 129$, and their 300mg products are 31$ However, If you use our discount code below, you can get 15% off on Endoca products.

Shipping: Endoca ships to all 50 states. 

For a 15% discount on Endoca products, use our code:

  • 100% Organic
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • Whole Plant Product
  • Quality Checked By A Third Party

Nuleaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals is also known for creating some of the best natural CBD oil products.  Their CBD, having over four thousand verified five star reviews online, stands out from many other CBD products out there. 

Unlike other products , Nuleaf’s CBD is 100% organic, has zero additives, and uses the full plant – this means that all the connected cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other therapeutic elements of the plant are within the product in their pure and natural form. In addition, they also use supercritical C02 extraction to preserve the full spectrum of healing cannabinoids within their products. 

Because of their excellent ratings, emphasis on natural simplicity, and effective extraction process, NuLeaf Naturals CBD is one of our highest recommended sleep aids for insomnia.

Product Information

Types of products: CBD Oil Tinctures (droppers) 
Product Quantity: Nuleaf Natural CBD tinctures vary from 5ml to 100ml sized bottles.
Product Potency: high potency (15mg of CBD per serving)
Price range: 38.50$ – 439$ (prices vary depending on the size of the bottle) If you use our discount code below, you can get 15% off on Nuleaf Natural products.
Shipping: Nuleaf Natural products ship to all 50 states

For a 15% discount on Nuleaf Natural products, use our code:

A dark blue circle with the number three shown inside of it.
The logo of the CBD company called Elixinol.
  • 100% Organic
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • Whole Plant Product
  • Quality Checked By A Third Party


Elixinol is another 100 % natural CBD oil product adhering to the highest standards – at the center of their mission, Elixinol aims to ensure their organic CBD is among the best quality products in the world.  

Though based in Colorado, their products are positively received around the globe and are considered a massive authority in the hemp industry worldwide. 

What sets Elixinol cbd oil apart from others is their high-tech pharmaceutical grade testing procedures, and their transparency when it comes to their test results; their lab tests are among the most sophisticated in the industry, and they have nothing to hide. On their website, they offer full access to their third-party test results, so customers can check the quality. 

We highly recommend trying Elixinol because it is a guaranteed high quality product. 

Product Information

Types of products: CBD oil tinctures and CBD oil capsules

Product quantity: Elixinol’s tinctures are available in 30ml or 120ml sized bottles, and their CBD capsules come in two different sizes – a larger bottle containing 60 pills, or a smaller one containing 30 pills.  

Product potency: high potency (15mg of CBD per serving)

Price range: Elixinol’s tinctures range from 29.99 – 249$, and their capsules are 44.99$ – 79$. Prices depend on quantity.

Shipping: Elixinol products ship to all 50 states.


About Taking CBD for Sleep

 If you are interested in learning more about how CBD affects sleep we suggest you check out our article, “5 Amazing Reasons to Try CBD for Sleep” by clicking this link. In the article, we discuss how CBD has the ability to significantly relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and stress which are the primary contributors to insomnia. 

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions at all about taking CBD, please leave a comment below, and I will be happy to answer.


About Matthew Weaver

Matthew, a music composer and former insomniac, is the founder of Sleep Aids for Insomnia where he contributes to blog posts and reviews.

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10 thoughts on “CBD for Sleep – The 3 Top Products”

  1. Matthew Weaver

    Insomnia is a common illness today. Many people have their problems because of everyday problems, and other issues.
    The sleep is one of the most important factors of having a healthy life. Having regular and healthy sleep will keep your mind and body healthy.

    I am not a doctor and I normally don’t like medicaments, but I am sure that your proposals of organic products the persons can get will help many to resolve insomnia. At, lest, I hope so!

    Thus, your post and your tips will help many to have healthier life!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Best regards!

  2. Matthew Weaver

    Hi Matthew,

    Many thanks for digging out and reviewing these products.

    I’m delighted they are all 100% natural – too many times you come across products that advertise themselves as natural but have some form of processing or non-natural ingredients in their makeup.

    I have a question, though: do you recommend taking these products every night, or only when you’re stressed and not sleeping well?



    1. Matthew Weaver

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment. I think it depends on the situation. For example, some people may have sleepless nights because of chronic pain. People who are unable to fall asleep because of pain may want to take CBD over longer periods of time, because in addition to treating insomnia, CBD has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects and is considered to help people suffering with chronic pain. On the other hand, if someone has occasional insomnia due to stress, they probably won’t need to take it for a long time. Ideally, taking it short term is the best option, but that may not be feasible for everyone and every situation.

      Thanks for asking!


  3. Matthew Weaver

    Hi Matt,

    I haven’t really used CBD oil yet, but I have heard a lot about them. Do you think they are actually a miracle or it is just marketing? Also, I am not entirely sure the difference between hemp oil and CBD is it the same? Where is the difference?

    1. Matthew Weaver

      Hi Eugen,

      Thanks for the comment. As of now, the CBD market is unregulated and extremely saturated to be honest. There are a lot of products that are just marketing gimmicks. However, true high quality CBD does have great therapeutic benefits, and there is plenty of scientific suggesting that. In addition, there are endless testimonials about CBD from people who use it to treat various problems successfully. I’ve used it for helping relieve occasional anxiety and to help with sleep. It works well.

      For your second question, there is a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Often times, there is a lot of confusion about this because CBD oil and hemp oil are derived from the same source. The main difference between hemp oil and CBD is that hemp oil doesn’t contain much CBD at all – it’s full of polyunsaturated fats. It’s quite healthy to consume, but not for the same reasons as CBD. Another difference has to do with how CBD and hemp oil are processed. Hemp oil is usually extracted from the seeds of the plant, but CBD is derived from buds of marijuana plant strains that are known to be high in CBD. When someone takes CBD, they are reaping the benefits of the whole marijuana plant without the associated “high”, but this is not the case with hemp oil.

      I hope this answers your questions.


  4. Matthew Weaver

    Hi Matthew, Many thanks for the information. The CBD oil is something I really want to try. However, I am currently in a country that is still ignorant of the health benefits of CBD oil and they still view it as a drug. We know this is far from the truth as the health benefits are widely documented. However, I am unable to import it. I look forward to later in the year when I will return to a more ‘enlightened culture’ and will make a purchase to help me with my irregular sleeping habits.
    Kind regards

  5. Matthew Weaver

    Hey Matthew, I’ve been really studying a lot about CBD oil lately. I mention on my own website as well. It’s been like a hidden secret of all the benefits it can provide for folks with health issues and then some. There are some products that are rather expensive and some are not. But sleeping and insomnia are huge problems for people and when you can’t fall asleep, CBD oil can help. I’ve tried it. It really does help me sleep better. You have some great products to choose from. CBD oil rocks!

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